execMobile adds Android eSIM to its iOS eSIM offering

eSIM technology is expected to replace the physical SIM card in mobile devices, thanks to the many benefits, especially the shortened process to connect.

Johannesburg, 11 Dec 2019
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execMobile, a leading global mobile data provider for corporate SA, has announced the addition of eSIM for Android, alongside its iOS eSIM offering, allowing users to seamlessly connect in 191 countries (notably 30 African countries), without the need for a physical SIM.

The Embedded SIM, better known as eSIM, is the latest disruption in the mobile connectivity industry for devices and represents a shift from the traditional physical SIM. eSIM technology is expected to fully replace the physical SIM card in mobile devices in the near future, thanks to the many benefits, especially the shortened process to connect, which is now simplified with the user receiving an e-mail with a QR code, to be scanned and immediately connect to a network.

With execMobile’s eSIM, corporate customers with an eSIM-enabled device, including phones, tablets, laptops or IOT devices, can now easily switch from their local network providers to execMobile global data plans, before and after travelling, without needing to replace a plastic SIM. Essentially, this turns the user’s device into a dual SIM phone, and taking advantage of execMobile’s significantly discounted data roaming rates, saving customers up to 90% on international cellular data roaming fees. 

Additionally, users have the ability to use their smartphone as a hotspot, enabling multiple devices (laptop, tablet, etc) to enjoy 4G speeds.

Jody Carollissen, General Manager at execMobile, says that since the launch of the eSIM in September, the majority of execMobile's eSIM deployments have been on iPhone 11,
11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS, XS Max, and XR models, with great success. 

“With Android mobile phones dominating globally, we thought it would be best to be prepared and make available the eSIM for Android, as device manufacturers are in the race to make this commercially available," said Carollissen. "The 1st Android eSIM-enabled phone was the Google Pixel 3, followed by Google 3 XL, 4 and 4 XL. Although not available to purchase in SA, customers have sourced these from abroad and have requested our eSIM. 

"Also, with the announcement and launch of the Samsung Fold, requests from our corporate customers have continued. This was more motivation for execMobile to be ready for deployment.”

Carollissen concluded that although supported eSIM devices may be limited initially, execMobile’s PocketWifi and global SIM make use of the same “over the air” (OTA) technology to provide access to global mobile data for travellers and standard SIM devices. 

Additionally, interest for a consumer global travel eSIM has been promising, and therefore execMobile is currently developing an offering which will be communicated to the market once it is ready for launch.

execMobile eSIM adheres to the global specification by the GSMA, and welcomes corporate SA to get in touch at, 087 222 8300 or

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