Review: Logitech HD Pro Web cam c920

The Logitech HD Pro Web cam c920 impresses with high-definition video quality, but this comes at a hefty cost.

The stylish Logitech HD Pro Web cam c920 offers high-definition video calling for home users and video enthusiasts.

Logitech's top-of-the-range Web cam captures full high-definition 1080p video for connecting with friends and family using Skype, or in HD 720p for Windows Live Messenger. It's important to note that this Web cam's best feature is the way in which it integrates with social networks like Facebook and Twitter to post videos and photographs.

Seamless integration

The Web cam seamlessly connected with Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, Yahoo and MSN Messenger Live. The video experience was similar across all platforms and provided the best quality video calling I've seen in high-end consumer Web cams.

One of the features that separates this Web cam from its competitors is its use of a H.264 compression in the camera itself. This means that the user can take and rapidly upload high-definition 1080p video clips or 15MP photos onto Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and instantly have them compressed.

The audiovisual device manufacturer integrated what it calls 'Fluid Crystal Technology' into the c920 Web cam. This was done to boost image quality in comparison to its previous Web cams. It also comes with Carl Zeiss optics with a 20-step auto-focus to zoom into the video or photograph for high detail.

Simple set-up, installation


Resolution: Full HD 1080p
Photo quality: 15MP
Lens technology: Carl Zeiss optics
Microphone: Dual, built-in stereo microphones
Pros: Exceptional high-definition video and call quality
Cons: Pricey and uses too much bandwidth
Rating: 8/10
Recommended retail price: R1 299
Availability in SA: From March

On plugging the Web cam into a PC, it immediately installs the Logitech Vid HD application and device settings. This app enables the user to test and calibrate the video and call quality of the Web cam, as well as the audio quality being filtered into the user's sound system.

Advanced settings allow the user to load the Logitech application when a computer starts, or whether to accept incoming calls automatically. It also has a presence setting that can be set to let friends know whether the user is available to chat. The camera switches off after five minutes of inactivity.

The application, which resembles a simple social network, has user-friendly settings to customise the user's account information such as name and photograph. The user can add friends in a similar way that one can with Skype or MSN Messenger. The user can also choose to block specific contacts or incoming calls.

I liked the clip design of the Web cam, it fitted onto the top of my PC monitor very easily and can be effortlessly fitted onto a desktop PC, laptop or tablet device. I found I was able to quickly adjust my profile picture as well as quickly zoom in and out.

While the Web cam provides exceptional video and sound quality, this comes at a price. The Logitech HD Pro Web cam c920 is a bandwidth guzzler. Despite being ahead of similar Web cams in its class, I have to wonder whether the vast majority of home users would be willing to cough up higher data usage charges to make high-definition video calls.

In conclusion, Logitech succeeds in creating one of the finest home office Web cams on the market today. If you have an uncapped high-speed data connection, and aren't too fazed about the price, then I would recommend the Logitech HD Pro Web cam c920.

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