AMD takes aim

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International chipmaker AMD has released its latest platform, Vision Pro Technology, aimed at cornering a space in the audiovisual market.

The company says graphics matter in business now more than ever, both in terms of getting high-quality visual materials into boardrooms, as well as making PC-based videoconference calls.

“Studies show that more than 80% of human comprehension is gained visually and that the use of visual aids with oral presentations improves content retention as much as 6.5 times than using words alone,” explains Nigel Dessau, chief marketing officer at AMD.

He says, as part of the development of the technology, the platform will support several linked monitors. “Multiple monitors help improve worker productivity by as much as 40%.”

While the company has not yet released any pricing on the platform, AMD has become renowned for its ration between price and performance and the company says the same concept will apply to the new platform.

International notebook giant Lenovo has already signed on as a partner to the platform, putting the platform into its ThinkPad X100e range of notebooks. The notebook retails for between $449 and $549.

“Vision Pro Technology from AMD is an ideal foundation for the business-class entry ultraportable ThinkPad X100e and our full-featured ThinkPad Edge laptops designed especially for small to medium businesses,” said Sam Dusi, VP of ThinkPad Product Marketing at Lenovo.

Vision Pro is an extension of the AMD's September 2009 launch that introduced Vision Technology.

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