eBook: Remote monitoring and management

Johannesburg, 25 Jun 2019
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As businesses emerge from the difficult economic recession, they need to continue the low-cost and high-productivity practices that allowed them to successfully weather the storm. Specifically for providers (TSPs), it’s paramount that they develop new ways to find additional revenue streams. In order to keep clients happy, TSPs need to be able to do it all for their clients – from managing infrastructures to responding quickly to end-user needs. With a growing number of issues to resolve and limited technicians at hand, how can TSPs operate efficiently while providing top-notch service?

One tool that can increase the efficiency of existing support staff and better leverage resources is remote monitoring and management (RMM). RMM delivers an arsenal of IT management tools, such as remote desktop monitoring, trouble ticket tracking, user information, support and more, through one comprehensive interface.

By definition, RMM refers to a set of IT tools that collect information about the hardware and applications running in the client’s environment and provide activity reports to the IT service provider for review and issue resolution. This eBook explores RMM in more detail.

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