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Johannesburg, 15 Jul 2019
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Troye technical director Kurt Goodall
Troye technical director Kurt Goodall

Troye is helping its customers on their journey to the cloud, getting them there faster and with very little effort. Citrix Cloud services represent the fastest, simplest and most flexible approach to delivering integrated digital workspaces available today.

Citrix Cloud services helps create and deploy secure digital workspaces in hours, not weeks, while placing all sensitive app, desktop and data resources on any cloud or hybrid cloud. Citrix solves challenges of cloud adoption by giving clients the flexibility to move their workloads to any cloud. They can even keep some of their workloads on-premises with the ability to manage it all from a single console.

Citrix Cloud helps deliver an integrated digital workspace by seamlessly uniting all Citrix services and technologies into a single platform to simplify and eliminate manual integration between them. Citrix Cloud also provides underlying platform services for operations, service administration, resource management, upgrading and user experience monitoring.

Troye technical director Kurt Goodall says services are provided either as full software-as-a-service (SaaS) via a subscription-based pricing model, or in other cases, as hybrid cloud services where Citrix provides cloud-based management, while customers determine where workloads are located.

Simplifying the delivery and management of Citrix technologies, Citrix Cloud services reduce IT costs because the applications and platforms are managed by Citrix. Clients will always have the latest version of software and they don't need Citrix or virtualisation experts. The main services that Citrix Cloud delivers include Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Endpoint Management, Content Collaboration and Citrix ADC.

Citrix Cloud also brings several intrinsic soft benefits to customers beyond cost avoidance. These benefits should be evaluated holistically as customers consider cloud services versus software implementation.

"Citrix Workspace offers the simplest, most flexible way to deliver apps, desktops and data in the cloud. Everything your employees need to get work done is provided with a simple, consistent experience through the Workspace app," he explains.

Citrix Workspace also delivers a high-performance experience through reliable connections, network optimisation, better application load times, through adaptive, and context-aware virtualisation technologies, ensuring quality experience regardless of source, network, or device.

Goodall says businesses of all sizes are embracing the cloud to increase business agility and flexibility. "However, the journey to the cloud and ongoing management can be complex. A digital workspace simplifies your cloud migration and management while delivering a better user experience and protecting your data."

With cloud services sourced from multiple vendors, security is inconsistent and access is fragmented. Citrix Workspace gives IT the capabilities to monitor, regulate and manage cloud security risks such as denying users access to questionable Web sites.

Citrix Workspace also helps prevent data leakage and ensure secure file-sharing between employees and partners through consistent security policies across all platforms. Compared to purchasing, installing and maintaining traditional perpetually licensed software, the new SaaS or subscription approach offers unique technical, financial and capability benefits.

Considering the additional value, convenience, speed and reliability of SaaS-style delivery, Citrix Cloud services provide a superior economic and strategic option to purchasing and maintaining a traditional Citrix environment.

Purchasing evaluations based upon sole comparisons of cash outflows for perpetual licensing versus SaaS-style subscription access may fail to take into account hard- and soft-cost avoidances, as well as net-new value and capabilities.

When building an economic model for Citrix Cloud services, Citrix recommends customers factoring-in the value of net-new capabilities, as well as using industry benchmarks to estimate direct and indirect savings of infrastructure, updating, time, labour and implementation risk

"Clients can now easily manage the Citrix portfolio of products from the cloud. Simplify control of your apps, desktops, content, devices and network. All services are sold in the form of annual subscriptions which include service activation, support and constant SaaS-based updates during the lifetime of the subscription," he concludes.


Troye is a leading 51% Black Women-Owned Level 1 BEE Information Technology solutions specialist and professional managed IT services provider. The accreditation was issued in May 2018 by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) accredited BEE verification agency Honeycomb.

Over the past decade, Troye has designed and implemented superior integrated IT solutions for its small, medium and enterprise customers – concentrating on end-to-end virtualisation solutions.

Troye invests heavily in its customers through exceptional service excellence. This ensures a better understanding of the customer’s business and their technology requirements. More importantly, it enables customers to focus on their core business activities with the assurance that their investment in technology is safeguarded.

Troye focuses on minimising both cost and risk, maximising return on investment, driving innovation and safeguarding their customer’s business for the future.    

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