Waytag, TomTom partner

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Location technology company, Waytag has partnered with TomTom to provide its technology on the in-car navigation company's worldwide location-based solutions (LBS) platform.

Waytags are one-word, unique addresses for private persons, businesses and locations. These addresses can be looked up and navigated to on any Waytag-enabled map or navigation service.

Waytags are user-created, named and managed. Users also choose whom to share their Waytags with, and they are always in complete control of the information associated with their Waytags.

"Waytags will revolutionise the way we will share our addresses or locations in the future," said Danny Grobben, GM of TomTom Africa.

Waytags can be communicated to others verbally, or via text or social media. Should a business change its address, that business' Waytag name remains the same and consumers will simply navigate to the new address by using the existing Waytag.

The Waytag solution was developed using the TomTom LBS application programming interface (API), which provides maps, routing and search capabilities. The Waytag iOS and Android apps are free and immediately available.

"We needed a global mapping solution that would be accurate and reliable so that Waytag users could position themselves with confidence, especially in areas where street addressing is inadequate," said Warren Venter, CEO and co-founder of Waytag.

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