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Johannesburg, 01 Aug 2019
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Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo
Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo

With more than 1 400 Genesys certification courses and training modules completed by its staff, cloud and on-premises contact centre, unified communication and collaboration, and business process automation specialists, Elingo is one of the most highly qualified partners on the continent of Genesys, the multinational omnichannel solutions provider.

“For us, it does not matter if you are an engineer, directly involved with a project, are in sales, in administration, provide support, or are in senior management, every person at Elingo must go through the Genesys certification and training modules process. This enables us to give our customers the peace of mind that our superior implementations and support can meet all their requirements,” says Karl Reed, Chief Solutions Officer at Elingo.

Furthermore, Reed says the fact that it approaches all engagements with new and current customers from a trusted CX advisory position requires the company to have confidence in its skills.

“To do this, the highest level of product knowledge and all-encompassing solutions are critical. This can only be achieved through rigorous solutions training, best practices and sound business understanding.”

This commitment to investing in its people is fundamental to the Elingo approach to its business and has been the “Elingo way” for over 21 years.

“Our product is our people. By investing in them, we empower individuals to consult, deliver and support solutions to customers that help address their unique business challenges. Within the first week of a person joining the company, they begin their training process. For us, it is about giving people the skills they need as quickly and effectively as possible,” he says.

Reed feels this commitment to training and certification forms the core of the business.

“This focus is something that even applies to people who join us from other Genesys partners. Irrespective of their experience and background, they must have all the courses and certifications in place before dealing with customers.”

This enables Elingo to deliver a better and unique customer experience that allows it to differentiate itself in today’s ultra-competitive market. Reed says the company does not want there to be any grey areas when it comes to customers doubting whether the business has the skills in place to help them.

“We are showing customers that by investing in the skills of our employees, we are able to deliver better outcomes for them and they have people working on their account that have the expertise to do so. One of the worst things that can happen for any customer is to appoint a service provider, only for the people who arrive on-site not to have the skills in place to work on a project.”

Additionally, Elingo employees undergo a rigorous mentorship programme to align their own expectations with the deliverables they need to achieve at the company and for Elingo customers.

“Because of our training principles, it can take anything from six months to a year before a new employee can go to a customer site. We pride ourselves in the skills and expertise of our people to ensure they have the skills in place to take our business and that of our customers to the next level,” he concludes.

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