Pretty Great Company implements Sync ERP software

Johannesburg, 11 Feb 2020
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Fact sheet
Solution: Sync Apparel
Industry: Retail
Provider: ISyncSolutions
User: Pretty Great Company

Pretty Great (PGC) is a company based on the idea that well-considered product and brand authenticity are paramount. As Jonathan Nguyen, controller at PGC, explains: “Our company is a curated collection of outerwear brands that have compelling, authentic and unique identities.”

With its four brands: Sessions, Bonfire, Nikita and SLVDR (pronounced sal-va-dor), its goal is to focus each brand’s product offering, brand message and customer service to highlight what makes them unique.

Some of PGC’s main reasons for selecting Sync’s Apparel enterprise system include the need for real-time inventory/ATS, meaningful insightful reports, customer management, strong integration support with Shopify and 3 party logistics (3PL), and improved efficiency.

According to Nguyen, the company’s previous ERP system was out of date and extremely time-consuming. Unreliable reports from inventory to sales have been replaced by Sync’s comprehensive reporting options and provide for more accurate information. One of the benefits of Sync over other enterprise systems, as highlighted by new client PGC, is that Sync supports operations and their needs first, whereas their old system was a warehouse-driven ERP system only later developed to support operations.

Peter Booysen, CEO of iSyncSolutions, explains more about the Sync implementation at PGC. “As part of our Sync implementation, we connected four Shopify Web sites, QuickBooks and two 3 party logistics (3PL) warehouses in Montreal, Canada and Orange County, California. This highlights the interconnectivity that Sync offers out of the box with our various APIs. A great improvement for PGC has been Sync’s ability to consolidate eight separate installations of their old system (for four brands across multiple regions) into one Sync database. This has made a major improvement in efficiency for employees as well as providing a central platform for reporting across the various brands and regions.”

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