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Johannesburg, 08 Jan 2021
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Unlock new possibilities with the NFT10 Pilot Pro Series Android Computer.

The NFT10 Pilot Pro Mobile Computer offers all the style, functionality and support needed for your enterprise bar code scanning. It is Android Enterprise Recommended by Google and fuelled with elevated features, including Android 9.0 OS, a 5.7-inch durable touch screen, biometric security and Newland’s own megapixel scanning technology.

Features galore

Newland’s NFT10 Pilot Pro connects core scanning capabilities with the new mobile must-haves.

  • Android Enterprise Recommended

The Android Enterprise Recommended accreditation ensures the Pilot Pro to pack all essential enterprise features, such as Android 9.0 OS, zero-touch enrolment and regular security patches.

  • Built for business

Designed to thrive in any business situation, regardless of its user or physical environment. Its sleek design with metal housing resembles a high-end consumer smartphone built to withstand inevitable drops and bumps.

  • Extended connectivity

Optimised for in-field applications. Pick the most suitable provider with dual SIM options or map out your logistical route using Google Mobile Services. This is how you stay connected and moving.

Software sidekicks

The NFT10 Pilot Pro supports elite software tools to enhance your enterprise activities. Including Google Maps, Google Play Store and Ndevor, our very own Mobile Device Management Software. Visit for a full overview of all product features.

Newland’s Pro Series: ready for take-off

The NFT10 Pilot Pro is the front-runner of Newland’s new Pro Series line. Built with attention to detail and extended specifications, Pro Series Mobile Computers pack elevated hardware, software and support into distinguished designs. Click here to read all about Newland’s Pro Series launch.

Newland EMEA creates and distributes bar code scanning technology worldwide.

Interested to discuss the enterprise scanning possibilities in further detail?

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