Webinar: Rapidly growing remote workforce? We’ve got you

Johannesburg, 15 Jun 2020
Read time 1min 20sec

Organisations juggling the demands of a growing remote workforce are invited to join the experts from Obscure Technologies and Splunk as they unpack Remote Work Insights. We’re here to ease uncertainty and address challenges of onsite, remote and hybrid workforces.

Save the date:

  • Tuesday | 23 June | 9:30am – 10:30am


  • Remote Work Insights – Splunk’s COVID-19 response

Register to attend and download the solutions guide here:

Remote Work Insights delivers real-time visibility across multiple disparate IT and security systems helping to maintain employee productivity, business continuity and high performance for critical business activities.

In this webinar and demo, you will get to understand how to review your team’s connectedness and gain visibility into problems before they escalate.

During the session, we will explore various key questions facing businesses during these unprecedented times. Are employees connecting and collaborating? Which applications are most frequently accessed via Okta to give you the sense of business continuity? VPN usage as an indicator of connectivity. Are there leading indicators of issues across the environment, such as failed connections for VPN, usage fall-off across critical applications, or unusual patterns in Web conferencing usage?

Do you want these questions answered? Why not register for the webinar today. On registration, you will be able to get access to the solutions guide.

We look forward to hosting you and addressing the real challenges of managing overnight growth, protecting your business and monitoring performance, seamlessly.

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