Lift and shift your Oracle database to Azure

Johannesburg, 12 Sep 2018
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Bring scalability, flexibility, security and performance to your Oracle workloads, while reducing the cost of infrastructure and Oracle licensing when you deploy on Azure.

Some database workloads like SQL Server or Oracle require high memory, storage, and I/O bandwidth, but not a high core count. Many database workloads are not CPU-intensive.

Azure offers certain VM sizes where you can constrain the VM vCPU count to reduce the cost of software licensing, while maintaining the same memory, storage and I/O bandwidth.

Three reasons why you will love moving your Oracle database to Azure

1. Reduce yearly Oracle licensing spend through CPU core and infrastructure optimisation

Provide the availability, security, and performance your enterprise workloads require at a fraction of the cost of running on-premises. Azure constrained-core virtual machines are optimised for Oracle workloads to help you lower your Oracle licensing costs.

2. Trust your existing Oracle workloads to an enterprise-ready cloud

Use your existing licences to run Oracle software on Azure and receive best-in-class, end-to-end support from Microsoft and Oracle. Rely on the cloud platform built for enterprises to ensure your Oracle workloads achieve the scalability, flexibility and compliance your business requires.

3. Deliver the highest levels of performance and scalability

Upgrade to a modern infrastructure with virtual machines and high-performance, SSD-based premium storage. By providing flexibility in the size and performance of storage and compute resources, Azure helps you ensure your Oracle applications will scale to meet business demands.

How do I engage with Ascent?

We encourage you to contact us, and we will assist you to lift and shift your Oracle database to Azure.

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