Enghouse Vidyo bets on Veridas' facial biometrics to eliminate fraud in video conferences

The companies are already working to offer voice biometrics in Vidyo and the Canadian giant’s contact centre solutions.

Johannesburg, 14 Jul 2021
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Video conferencing with facial biometrics

Enghouse Interactive, a leading global provider of contact centre and video collaboration software, and Veridas, a world leader in biometric solutions for digital identity verification development, have unveiled their joint video conferencing solution with facial biometrics.

This integration, which has already attracted the interest of major financial institutions, allows agents to verify the identity of customers while conversing with them remotely, in just milliseconds, and with an accuracy of more than 99.9%.

The joint solution, which can be easily integrated into any customer communications platform, significantly increases fraud detection capabilities by comparing the customer’s face in the video call with the customer’s registration data, either a photo or an identity document.

This process is frictionless in terms of user experience and, instead, allows the agent to verify the customer’s identity automatically or manually, as many times as necessary, with a simple click. The results are immediately displayed on the agent’s console, and he can accept or reject the initiated transaction if the minimum requirements established by the institution are not met.

Exploring new avenues of collaboration

Within the framework of the partnership agreement between Veridas and Enghouse, both companies are already working on the incorporation of complementary biometric solutions that favour the creation of new use cases for their customers. These include a completely digital onboarding process implementation, including document verification, facial biometrics and voice biometrics, so that the solutions can be offered to both new and existing customers within Vidyo.

They are also exploring together the incorporation of Veridas’ cutting-edge voice biometrics solution as a method of authentication in call centres, being able to verify the identity of users with just three seconds of voice, in any language and without the need to repeat a specific text.

What do the companies think?

Ignacio del Castillo, Director of the Alliances Area of Veridas, was excited about the relationship that has been established between both companies: “We are very excited about the alliance with Enghouse because of the great potential of application of our biometric authentication solutions, face and voice in final customer solutions.” He added: “The integration of Veridas’ facial biometrics into Enghouse’s Vidyo platform brings Veridas even closer to contact centres in Spain and Latam. The great team of professionals that we have found in Enghouse and the quality of their solutions are the pillars to make this collaboration a success.

The Enghouse team also highlights how important it is to have a video channel in these times. In fact, JL Castaños, Vice-President of Sales at Enghouse, said: “The introduction of Vidyo in contact centre interactions has accelerated exponentially since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This new channel introduces additional benefits over other types of interactions, especially the ability to establish bonds of greater trust between interlocutors by being able to add to the conversation the additional information that is provided in the communication through the expression of the face.”

He also noted: “With the integration of Veridas facial biometrics, we have gone a step further, enabling the verification of the interlocutor in a completely natural and transparent way.”

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