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Johannesburg, 19 Aug 2011
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Powertech Shared Services has extended the Kronos time and attendance solution across 15 companies in the Powertech group, including Aberdare Cables, Powertech Calidus, Rentech, Sabat, Willard Batteries, Crabtree, Strike and TIS.

The solution was implemented by Bytes Systems Integration, the distributor of Kronos in South Africa.

“Our decision to extend Powertech's implementation of Kronos to these companies was an easy one. It was already working in other divisions, saving not only time but offering management real-time information on what's happening on the factory floor,” says Peter Mason, GM for remuneration and benefits in Powertech's Shared Services division.

Kronos automated time-tracking software helps reduce the risk of costly payroll errors and inflation. It integrates with a number of readers and ERP systems. At Powertech, it is used in conjunction with Safran Morpho (SAGEM) fingerprint scanners and integrated into the company's SAP ERP system to provide a centralised payroll platform and access control system.

“Each of the 2 000-odd blue collar workers and 300 white collar workers in our factories gains access to their specific work area through a fingerprint scanner. In the process, their time and attendance is logged, and we have specific control over who has access to which parts of the factory floor. This has also been extended to scanners which control who may operate machinery,” says Mason. “The solution offers us not only a way to track time and attendance across the company, but has elevated our safety and security by ensuring that only competent personnel operate heavy machinery.”

“The solution has been deployed country-wide to Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Bloemfontein, Pietermaritzburg, Pinetown, Middelburg, Mbombela and across Gauteng,” says Julia Gilmour, sales manager, Kronos division, at Bytes Systems Integration, part of Bytes Technology Group, wholly owned by JSE-listed Altron.

“Information is fed to a central data server and we have found no contention or load problems, says Stuart Wilson, IT infrastructure manager for Powertech Shared Services. “The database server on which Kronos runs is shared with around 20 other databases running on SQL 2005, yet it peaks at only around 25% load.”

Mason says one of the major advantages is that the HR department has been freed up to do HR functions. “Instead of getting bogged down following up on time and attendance, the HR department can focus on counselling and training, among other HR functions.” HR administrators sign off electronically on Kronos information on Monday mornings, which allows blue collar workers to be paid on Wednesdays, two days earlier than before.”

Powertech Shared Services invoices out the use of the Kronos system to its sister companies, allowing each company better control over expenditure.

“The implementation has streamlined our processes, reduced overtime payments and improved the level of information available to management. Bytes' project management has also been exceptional, with every detail planned - and implemented - as planned,” says Mason.

Bytes Systems Integration

Bytes Systems Integration is part of Bytes Technology Group, which is wholly owned by JSE-listed Altron. The company designs, implements and manages customised IT solutions through the integration of hardware and software systems from global technology leaders. It has five distinct business units, all providing clients with world-class solutions and services based on platforms, processes and methodologies from acknowledged industry leaders. They include SAP Business Objects, Kronos, Oracle, IBM, ICCM, Microsoft, MTN, Motorola, Cisco, Enterasys, Honeywell, Symantec, Wonderware, Juniper, HP, NetApp as well as the sole distributor for Teradata in South Africa.

Peter Mason, Powertech Shared Services, 011 706-7184,

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