Mainframe protection for a hybrid IT world

Johannesburg, 24 Nov 2020
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Dolf Snyman, CA Southern Africa
Dolf Snyman, CA Southern Africa

Dolf Snyman, CA Southern Africa, BU Lead: Broadcom Mainframe Solutions, lifts the lid on mainframe protection for a hybrid IT world.

It is indisputable that business transformation drives a more complex, hybrid IT environment and cloud-connecting the mainframe delivers tremendous new value. The downside is that in tandem with these advances is the creation of associated new threat vectors.

The mainframe is often seen as the gold standard for IT security and is the ideal platform to handle these challenges. However, in today’s environment, criminals have an evolving cache of tools that can penetrate both public and private networks and attack vulnerable systems, devices and programs.

The evolving threat landscape includes the insider threat, which can translate into unintentional errors, password sharing through to rogue users – hackers. Moreover, there are the regulatory and standards compliance complexities that must also be dealt with.

What is the solution to the escalating global security threat?

Get a security health check – basically, your security MRI that provides visibility and deep insights that aim to identify gaps. Also automate and simplify your ongoing health checks to guarantee that you are appropriately covered.

It is advisable for enterprises to re-evaluate their mainframe security – from both the risk and compliance perspectives – on a regular basis in order to ensure that strategy addresses the entire mainframe security life cycle. Think about what’s at stake – basically, your most vital enterprise data and infrastructure.

Run a no-cost Automated Mainframe Security Health Check with CA Southern Africa to eliminate guesswork and replace it with tailored recommendations for your environment quickly and simply.

Advance your mainframe security today, with trusted, proven Broadcom Mainframe protection.

Streamline compliance and auditing efforts. CA Data Content Discovery helps you identify data exposure risks and institute effective measures to reduce risk and simplify regulatory compliance.

Mainframe identity and access management

You can manage mainframe access and securely connect users with applications and data through multi-factor authentication. To achieve this, you must understand privileged users, guard against misuse of credentials and minimise internal risk by managing their access with ease. It is essential to enforce granular policies and ensure proper access to resources and data across all mainframe external security managers.

Manage privileged users

It is possible to reduce the risk of insider threat from malicious attacks through to inadvertent errors. CA Trusted Access Manager for Z* helps you stay in complete control of essential enterprise data while improving business efficiency through comprehensive privileged access management for mainframe.

By eliminating the need for shared credentials, working with existing tools and producing forensics on all privileged user activity, you stay in complete control over mission-essential mainframe data.


Brief biography Dolf Snyman

Dolf Snyman, CA Southern Africa, BU Lead: Broadcom Mainframe Solutions

Dolf Snyman is a highly skilled business executive with a career that spans in excess of two decades in the ICT sector. His experience encompasses senior roles in enterprise account management with specific reference to the banking industry, where he has excelled in IT strategy, DevOps, mainframe modernisation, service level agreement negotiations and structuring, plus conclusion of substantial sales prospects.

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