2021 kicks off with a hiring spree at ACS-Embrace – emphasising ERP innovation

Johannesburg, 18 Feb 2021
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ACS-Embrace – new staff
ACS-Embrace – new staff

While many companies were restructuring or retrenching in response to the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, ACS-Embrace has strategically embarked on a recruitment drive.

“As technology and the development and implementation of innovative fit-for-purpose ERP solutions is the core of our business, we are mostly recruiting technical staff, including developers, business analysts and project managers,” states Ian Foster, Sales & Marketing Director at ACS-Embrace.

“We’re investing and innovating across the entire Embrace ERP platform, leveraging new and emerging technologies,” adds Foster. True to this commitment, ACS-Embrace has a dedicated technology team, focused on researching and implementing these technologies to ensure Embrace remains a future-ready ERP solution for their clients.

The new blood will also support the further development of our Embrace cloud, mobile and e-commerce solutions. Their skillsets range from mobile development, cloud, AWS, UI and UX (user interfaces and experience), ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence) as well as core ERP and third-party integrations.

Given that the business environment is changing at such a rapid rate, functionality that supports digital transformation as well as agility, flexibility and resilience is critical. “We are serious about developing and delivering innovative, functionally rich, flexible, fit for purpose ERP solutions that will meet the business challenges of tomorrow,” adds Foster.

COVID-19 has changed the way we work, the way we interact with suppliers and clients, the way we sell; in short it has completely changed the way we do business. The adoption of digital transformation strategies and solutions has accelerated in the past year as companies seek new and efficient ways to drive their businesses forward.

ERP forms the foundation for digital transformation and is capable of bringing revolutionary changes to almost all processes of modern business. The Embrace ERP solution will be embedded with emerging technologies such as analytics, IOT and AI to support new processes, business models and ways of doing work. The user experience will be much more consumer-focused.

Embrace ERP is a success story, built from the ground up, to address diverse industry and business needs, leveraging innovative technologies. The solution can be deployed anywhere, in the cloud, on-premises or as a hybrid. The system is scalable and flexible, enabling businesses to easily adapt and meet the changing business requirements of the new normal.

While we have a proven track record in providing solutions for mid-size and large enterprises, we are seeing a massive movement in both the smaller and medium business space, particularly small entrepreneurial start-ups. Firms with fewer than 15 employees are growing faster than any other category of small business, with hundreds being registered every month. Sadly, many will fail within the first two years but others will succeed and grow. Many will remain in the three to 10 employee bracket, while others will grow into the mid-range of 25 to 100+ employees. These small enterprises are engines of economic growth since they create between 25% and 45% of new jobs in the South African economy annually. This highlights the need to provide them with the right tools to enable them to operate efficiently, compete effectively and thrive.

Research indicates that the reason why small businesses fail is because of deficiencies in management and control. Start-ups are typically lean operations, with every rand of capital being put towards developing the product and market. Such a tight budget prevents any investment in accounting and operational software systems and with no systems in place, it is almost impossible to manage and control the business effectively during its growth.

Embrace Cloud ERP will be a game-changer, providing small businesses with a fast, affordable and easy way to run their business. The system is scalable, flexible and delivers an end-to-end business management system, leveraging the latest technologies and built on the same ERP framework that has been implemented with best practices across a diverse range of industries.

Embrace Cloud ERP will ensure success from the starting line; with an easy to use and intuitive user interface, start-up enterprises will master the use of the system within a very short time. Online “help” and “how-to” manuals are available, negating the need to attend training courses. Built-in business process flows, visualisations and dashboards help ensure full control. Start-ups gain access to enterprise-level software at an affordable fee, benefiting from the security, stability, simplicity and peace of mind of a professionally managed solution. The system grows with the business at every stage, from one to 100+ users, from single branch to multi-branch, catering from local to global operations.

As we transition to a more digital, distributed and data-driven world, we believe the next decade will be shaped by small business and Embrace Cloud ERP will provide the tools to help ensure their success and growth into and beyond the next normal.

This strategy ensures that Embrace ERP will continue to meet the industry-specific and unique business requirements of large-scale businesses, while providing small businesses with an ERP platform that will scale from start-up to enterprise level. ACS-Embrace’s continued focus on providing solutions to medium and large enterprises, together with the emergence of new technologies, enables us to provide a simpler ERP entry point that will scale without requiring any system change. Many of our clients have been running on Embrace for over 20 years, testament to the scalability of Embrace and its ability to enable and support business growth.

With the ability to adapt and scale, smaller enterprises can join the medium and large enterprises that benefit from our state-of-the art Embrace solutions, designed to support their digital transformation journey. Whether deployed in an on-premises, hosted or hybrid environment, clients will continue to leverage the latest technologies, innovative functionality and process automation capabilities embedded in Embrace – supporting their needs today and tomorrow.

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