French telcos target e-payment

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French telcos target e-payment

French mobile operators Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR, and electronic payments offering provider Atos Origin have formed a joint venture to roll out a payment offering called Buyster, reports CBR Online.

Backed by major online retailers in France, the remote payment tool for fixed and mobile Internet purchases will be available in France from mid-2011.

Buyster will be targeting the payment offering at online merchants, capitalising on the market presence and e-commerce knowledge of partners such as Atos Worldline.

LG readies mobile payment system

European consumers may finally be able to pay for items via their smartphones next year, through a system under development by LG Electronics, states Cnet.

LG's system would use a combination of near-field communication (NFC) and cloud computing to allow certain retailers in Europe to accept payments from customers using NFC-equipped smartphones.

The move by LG follows a plan revealed by T-Mobile to unveil an NFC-based payment system in the UK.

Apple to speed up e-zine sales

Apple is working to funnel more electronic sales of magazines, newspapers and other content through its iTunes store, an effort that is making some publishers uneasy, says The Wall Street Journal.

The effort is aimed largely at spurring more subscription sales of digital content for Apple's iPad, which the company hopes to accelerate with the aid of a coming new delivery and billing system.

So far, Apple has revealed only one customer for the forthcoming content delivery and billing system; News Corporation, which is using the iPad for The Daily, a long-anticipated digital publication for tablets.

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