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Open source community gets WebOS

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Open source community gets WebOS

Tech giant, HP is making good on its promise to deliver its now-defunct smartphone platform to the open source community, InformationWeek reports.

HP will no longer use WebOS, the OS it acquired when it bought Palm, in smartphones and tablets. HP says it would give it to others to use.

In an Xbit Labs report, Bill Veghte, VP and chief strategy officer at HP, says: “HP is bringing the innovation of the WebOS platform to the open source community.

“This is a decisive step towards meeting our goal of accelerating the platform's development and ensuring that its benefits will be delivered to the entire ecosystem of Web applications.”

HP originally planned to make phones and tablets based on WebOS, with the goal of being an Apple-like company that controlled hardware and software, Time states.

HP is also working on a new version of its application framework, called Enyo, which allows WebOS apps to run through Web browsers on other platforms.

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