SecureTower 6.2: new tools for investigating incidents and voice recognition; optimisation and automation of the security service

Johannesburg, 18 Sep 2018
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Falcongaze Company presents a new version of DLP system SecureTower, designed to prevent information leaks, monitor personnel and detect fraud. SecureTower 6.2 has a lot of updates and add-ons. The most noticeable are voice recognition and a new Investigation Center module.

Investigation Center

The Investigation Center is a new module designed to make the work of security officers easier. It makes possible to investigate security incidents and form cases in SecureTower itself, as well as record the progress of investigation, detect the individuals involved and receive automatically compiled reports after the investigation is completed.

While creating this module, Falcongaze experts have studied the work algorithms of the security officers of large companies. Therefore, the tool meets the requirements of modern business and best practices. This allows users to quickly adopt the new possibilities and save a lot of time previously spent on "paper" work.

Voice recognition

For many years, SecureTower could intercept audio messages (along with other files) stored in mail, Web and messengers, as well as control SIP telephony and headsets. Now, voice recognition allows you to apply text search algorithms to the information transmitted by voice.

The new functionality makes it possible to apply context search for data transmitted in audio format and allows you to set up rules that notify you in case of sensitive information. The system can use various speech recognition engines (three presets are pre-selected). Moreover, you can always connect third-party technologies.

New automation options

The new version of SecureTower has the ability to configure an automatic launch of programs and scripts in case of security rule triggering. First, it provides an opportunity to react on an information security incident exactly in the way that is needed in a particular situation, even if it is not originally provided by the system. This expands the users' ability to adapt the algorithms of SecureTower to their needs. By means of scripts, you can forward the ticket to the incident management system, send an SMS or a message, lock the workstation, get the necessary logs from it or take some action in another information security subsystem. Thus, the capabilities of using scripts in SecureTower are limited only by the users' imaginations.

Improved interface

The distinctive feature of SecureTower has always been the convenience and ease of use. The interface of the new version for both administrator and user consoles is improved and visually enhanced too. The SecureTower interface is intuitive and allows you to work quickly and efficiently both within daily monitoring and during investigations.


There are many improvements made for each SecureTower module. The Falcongaze developers have significantly increased the server component speed and reduced consumption of resources by the system.

Optimisation and continuous improvement of the product have always been and still are the main principles of SecureTower development. Ultimately, this makes the implementation of the system record-breaking fast and the process of using friendly and simple. At the same time, from version to version the hardware requirements remain moderate, still providing high performance. Working with SecureTower is convenient and effective both in small companies and in organisations with a large-scale corporate networks even physically distributed.

In addition, significant improvements have been made for the integration of SecureTower with other information security systems. First, this improvement concerns those who use SIEM-systems; now data from SecureTower can be transmitted for analysis in a suitable format. However, SecureTower can be used as a part of ecosystem in conjunction with IRP, UEBA, BI solutions and others.

"The secret of a good product is not only in some special functionality, but in everyday hard work on its development. That is why, during the decade of work on SecureTower, we have fully revealed the concept of 'DLP-system' and created a unique product that not only works with data leaks, but also closes a bulk of tasks on information and economic security," stated Andrey Barmuta, head of development department at Falcongaze. "I am confident that SecureTower now is at the forefront of modern technologies and innovations in the field of enterprise protection."


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