MTN named state mobile supplier, as Vodacom exclusivity ends

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MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa.
MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa.

National Treasury has appointed MTN SA as a service provider to government, through its new mobile communication services contract, known as RT15-2021.

In a statement, MTN says the RT15 2021 Transversal contract allows for all entities of state to utilise the contract for mobile communication services, which will further assist with cost containment.

In February last year, National Treasury called on the telecommunications industry to supply it with information on the provision of mobile communication services to government.

The request, issued by the Office of the Chief Procurement Officer, invited insight into how the current transversal contract could be improved. The contract was a result of an effort by National Treasury to address what it called an “exorbitant spend category”.

Vodacom has been government's exclusive supplier of mobile communication services since September 2016. Government's contract with Vodacom came to an end on 31 August last year.

In its statement, MTN SA says the scale of government’s requirements allowed the mobile operator to develop systems and innovative pricing and products that will add value to the state and improve on existing mobile telecommunications service delivery, while also allowing for a high degree of control of spend by the individual entities.

Godfrey Motsa, CEO of MTN SA, says he and his executive team are proud to accept the call to serve the country, through the provision of these vital services.

“We are both humbled and honoured by the faith National Treasury has shown in MTN with this critical partnership over a five-year term,” says Motsa.

“A huge team at MTN spent months analysing the state’s requirements and then developing the very best solutions to not only meet those expectations, but to exceed them. We were delighted with the very positive reaction from the RT15-2021 bid committee to our service offerings and we are so proud that a company that is South African to its very core, will be delivering to our entities of state.”

MTN points out the allocation of the temporary spectrum by the telecommunications regulator, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, showed the power and agility that lies with the purposeful allocation of additional spectrum.

With the temporary spectrum, MTN says it has been able to zero-rate over a thousand health and education Web sites, expand its reach into underserved communities and further boost its quality in high-density areas.

“The allocation of permanent spectrum will see government services and officials, through the RT15 contract, being important beneficiaries of the spectrum’s immediate value through further enhancements to MTN’s superior network, expanded reach into currently underserved communities and further quality gains in all parts of the country – which is why we are anxious to support any moves to mediate a solution to the current spectrum delays,” Motsa says.

Wanda Matandela, chief enterprise officer at MTN SA, says the scale and scope of RT15 makes this both critical and fascinating.

“In addition to mobile devices, accessories and value-added services, there are vital operations that must be maintained, such as air operations, the needs of the special task force, sea, rail, satellite and other critical functions.

“We at MTN are deeply encouraged by the responsiveness of the bid committee to our solutions and we look forward to serving our state, as part of the panel of service providers to government, with cost-effective and quality solutions that will help facilitate its work in serving the people of South Africa,” he says.

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