Flextronics opens R&D facility

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Flextronics opens R&D facility

Flextronics has opened a strategic facility in Banciao, Taiwan with dedicated design, research and development and supporting services for notebook computers, according to PR Newswire.

This new facility expands Flextronics' existing presence in Taiwan, where the company currently has operations in Wugu and Chungli.

Flextronics' Computing Segment Design Centre, located in Wugu, focuses on original design manufacturing and joint design manufacturing products and services for original equipment manufacturers of servers, storage, desktops, and other computing-related products.

Mac PC reaches Benelux

PearC, a company dealing with Mac clones owned by HyperMegaNet, is expanding its business to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and France, reports Softpedia.

The business is similar to that of Psystar, whom Apple is currently battling in court for practices involving the modification of regular PC hardware for the ability to run the company's licensed Mac OS X operating system.

PearC explains that its move is more than justified saying that "hardware is often outdated, upgrade possibilities are limited, too few connection ports, still no eSata," on its Web site.

Speculations over Asustek, D-link deal

Asustek Computer's equity investment in networking equipment maker, D-Link, could provide the netbook computer pioneer a stepping stone to produce consumer networking devices, analysts say, although the company says the investment was purely financial, according to Taipei Times.

Speculations are rife about the real intentions behind Asustek's equity investment in D-Link after the company had reportedly accrued a 4.27% stake late last year.

At first glance, the two companies bear no resemblance because Asustek's core business is making computer motherboards, laptops, computer peripherals and handheld devices, while D-Link specialises in networking and communications, producing network hardware for consumers and small to medium enterprises.

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