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Johannesburg, 02 Apr 2019
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The Buckets Mobile Device Management platform is an enterprise-level communication platform, which also allows you to manage all your devices.

Buckets covers multiple channels, each serving multiple clients, storing data in a multi-tenant cloud optimised to your business. The Buckets platform consists of multiple applications each with its own features, all of which are controllable through one content management system (CMS).

This is a unique feature and makes the usage of all the functionalities the platform offers easy to use and highly efficient. Since 2017, Newland EMEA includes Buckets Mobile Device Management as a standard option for their full product range.

Multi-tenant cloud

Buckets offers a multi-tenant cloud service that enables you to access a wealth of hardware and software capabilities over the internet. The cloud provides a simple solution for accessing your devices, for example allowing you to update or do a factory reset remotely.


Every application has a channel through which it communicates with the concerning clients and vice versa. Buckets currently has the following channels:

Device, scan, selector, narrowcast, message, data, mobile, Web, incubator.

Software running on external devices, which communicate with the Buckets server, such as:

Browsers, mobile apps, narrowcasting, software, selector, scanning.

All devices connected

Buckets gives you the fundamental visibility and IT controls needed to deploy, manage, and keep track of activities of your Newland device. Roll out updates more efficiently, activate services and share data through a cloud-based platform. Buckets allows you to reach and manage all your devices through the cloud, giving you lots of advantages.

Monitor devices in the field

Monitor user behaviour and keep track of the geographical location of all devices. Buckets allows you to check each device for their presence (online status), see what the device is doing at any moment, and take a screenshot remotely. Additionally, it is possible to send a message/push notification to a device.

Centralised configuration and troubleshooting

Enrolling or updating new devices across different geographic locations with all device configurations, resources and security settings can pose a challenge therefore buckets eliminates that challenge by allowing you to take care of firmware updates and OS management remotely.

Buckets also delivers the tools you need to maintain your own set of APK's and use your own alternative launchers. Get the right applications to your mobile workforce by managing what apps are allowed on what device and look after configuration and updates remotely. When uploading, Buckets simplifies APK management by automatically recognising the name and version. Additionally, it allows you to AutoStart a specific APK in kiosk mode.

Device management

Send push messages to a device. Maintain your own configurations. Tag your devices using your own tag tree. Assign configurations to sets of devices based on your tags. Temporarily block a device rendering it unusable. Do a factory reset.

Control access to device features

The admin can selectively disable device features. Buckets allows you to make a variety of restrictions based on the device or user, including:

Adjusting the volume APK installation/deinstallation. Configuring WiFi (including the possibility to limit the WiFi to using a specific SSID). Configuring Bluetooth. Create, update or remove a user account. Use USB for file transfer.

The Buckets platform is fully layered, which means it allows the tenant admin to add users, assign rights and overrule all the other accounts.

Simple resource infrastructure

Buckets enables you to manage your entire mobile device deployment on your Newland devices, no matter how diverse. All resources can be stored and accessed online using the cloud services or offline using USB/SD.

Group Product Manager: "Buckets is a free device management system, which comes with the Newland ID Android PDAs. With most of our competitors, a device management system is a third-party suggested platform, which is typically a paid service. So, there is an immediate financial benefit by using Newland-ID Android products with Buckets. Also, Newland-ID SA provides training and guidance to the user, which can be the reseller or the end-user, without cost. Which our competitors also do not offer. The platform itself is extremely powerful, considering it's without costs:

* Full application management
* Device management
* Lock down facilities
* Staging facilities
* Support facilities"

Upcoming Buckets features include:

* Detailed configuration of function- and hardware keys
* Planned firmware / APK updates to execute within a specific date-time frame
* Messaging functionality
* Scan functionality
* Using LAN sources / tooling for device management

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