Supersonic keeps customer interaction simple too

Johannesburg, 15 Aug 2019
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Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic.
Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic.

SupersonicMTN’s new super-simple Internet service provider, is not only offering fibre that is super-simple, but fibre that is keeping its clients happy with a super-simple service too – via WhatsApp!

“WhatsApp is used by over 1 billion people in over 180 countries. The app is integrated into our daily lives, so to keep things simple, we built our service facility around the app to be able to manage all our customer queries – from billing and sales enquiries right through to technical and service-related queries,” says Calvin Collett, Managing Director for Supersonic.

Supersonic’s decision to use WhatsApp was based on using an asynchronous communication service rather than a more invasive telephone or call centre option. “Not only do we converse with our customers via WhatsApp, but we’re able to share pictures and videos with them, which is particularly helpful with support-related queries, and we’re able to do it in real-time,” says Collett.

Using WhatsApp also allows the 10-strong team, based at Supersonic’s head office, full communication history of previous chats with customers, as well as enabling the team to manage multiple customers at the same time. “For me, another huge plus is the fact that using WhatsApp also means that our customers aren’t at the mercy of annoying call centre music,” laughs Collett.

Supersonic has an average of a 20-minute turnaround time using its WhatsApp service, which it has already integrated with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, from 1 April 2019. It also plans to integrate a bot into the platform to be able to handle queries like invoice and statement requests, TopUps, line upgrades and, eventually, full customer sign-ups. The bot will go live on Supersonic’s Web site as well as its WhatsApp and Facebook channels.

Supersonic’s WhatsApp channel operates between 7am and 8pm, seven days per week.

For more information on Supersonic, visit its Web siteFacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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