Rage 2013

Razer shows off new stuff

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Gaming accessory manufacturer Razer is at this year's rAge gaming expo and is showing off some of its new products.

Among these is a gaming tablet called the Edge and it runs a core i5 processor with 4 Gigs of RAM and a dedicated graphics card. The Edge Pro (seen in the picture) is an i7 with 8 Gigs of RAM.

The idea is that the tablet docks and plugs into other gaming peripherals like a controller and a screen. The device is about the weight and width of two iPads which is heavy for a tablet, but not for a gaming machine.

The Edge is not yet available in SA, nor could Razer give a precise indication of when it will be. The official comment is "probably" early next year. It currently retails in the US at about $1000 for the Edge and $1300 for the Edge Pro depending on hard drive size. No details available yet of what it will cost when it hits our shores.

While the tech is impressive, gamers we spoke to agreed that it might struggle to find a market. Serious gamers enjoy building their own "rigs" and with a tablet upgrading and customising is difficult if not impossible. It was also felt that only serious gamers would spend that amount on a machine.

Razer also had a few other nifty gadgets on display. The new Razer Blade 14" gaming laptop is 0,66" thin and yet still boasts an i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 765M GPU, 8GB or RAM and "thermal system" to ensure the machine doesn't overheat. Users can store a variety of gaming profiles in the cloud that trigger whenever a particular game is launched.

Razer is also showing off an ambidextrous, fully customisable mouse that the user can put together in a configuration that best suits them and a number of MMO mice with all the buttons and options one would expect.

According to Razer PR specialist Jan Horak, Razer's core mission is to provide gaming accessories for all gamers. At the moment that means branching out from PC gaming into areas like mobile gaming. It also means that in future we might see Razer accessories for the PlayStation 4 which would mark a first for the company, which traditionally only makes accessories for PC and Xbox.

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