Deltek Vision Webinar: managing projects in a single app from start to finish

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Automate your project management

* Do you feel as if you have outgrown your current project management solution?
* Do you feel that the lack of insight into key project metrics is potentially leaving money on the table that could otherwise be billed for?
* Are you looking for a solution that is designed for the modern workforce that provides both users and management with an easy-to-use interface that can provide immediate feedback on your projects and hence increase predictability in your business?

Join the Deltek Vision Webinar, where Iain Ravenhill, Deltek Vision Product Expert, will explain how you can:

* Get live visibility into key business metrics;
* Allow Project Managers to speed up the invoicing and collection process;
* How to log time and expenses with a few clicks; and
* Use your mobile device to make decisions on the go.

What key changes will this result for in our business?

* Billings: Significant increase in billings and turnover;
* Improve Collection: reduce days outstanding to 30 days; and
* Project Resourcing: Find the right resource for the job. Price projects better for higher GM%.

When: Wednesday 27th September.
Time: 10 am to 11am.

Register HERE, it's FREE!.

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