Power management gets intelligent

Las Vegas, 23 Jun 2010
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HP has unveiled its Intelligent Power Discovery management technology, which it says creates an automated, energy-aware network between IT systems and third-party facility management tools.

The technology integrates its Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (PDU), Platinum power supplies, and Insight Control software to provide a graphical map of power usage across the data centre.

Dave Donatelli, executive VP and GM of enterprise servers, storage and networking at HP, says the technology cuts out over-provisioning in the data centre, offering accurate and timely power usage data and control, saving companies millions of dollars in data centre energy costs.

“As a result, clients can reclaim millions of dollars in wasted power capacity,” he says. “To take energy efficiency to the next level, clients must be able to visualise, automate, and manage power across the data centre. They must have insight and control from deep within each individual IT system through to the overall management of the power grid and for the data facility.”

He adds that Intelligent Power Discovery extends the life of the data centre, and helps clients reclaim up to three times the capacity of their facilities with exact provisioning. “This has the potential to save clients up to $5 million per every 1 000 servers in one year.”

The product also features automatic verification of power redundancy and identification of proper connections. “Through this, the technology prevents errors in electrical configurations. It further identifies equipment connections and potential circuit overloads to eliminate human errors in power distribution.”

In addition, it provides a real-time, graphical map of the data centre's total energy usage, and provides analytics by measuring power and heat at peak load and at rest.

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