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Johannesburg, 20 Aug 2020
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Reinard Janse van Rensburg, Regional Sales Manager: NuPay, a division of Altron
Reinard Janse van Rensburg, Regional Sales Manager: NuPay, a division of Altron

The private security market in South Africa is considered as one of the largest in the world, tallying in excess of R45 billion annually. Business owners in this industry face a vast range of challenges on a daily basis, including employee safety, PSIRA regulations and competition from unregistered non-compliant businesses. Managing your cashflow, weekly wages and monthly service fee collections should not be something that’s giving you sleepless nights.

Reinard Janse van Rensburg, Regional Sales Manager: NuPay, a division of Altron, shares some insights on how business owners within the private security market can simplify the way they think about payments.

1. Identify what your needs are

According to Janse van Rensburg, “each industry is unique, and service providers should keep that in mind when offering solutions”. NuPay has developed a unique product suite that specialise in the processing of electronic payments. This ranges from device-driven point-of-sale solutions and authenticated DebiCheck, to e-commerce, standard debit orders and cash disbursement solutions. All of these payment solutions have full integration capabilities for ease of use, maintenance and reporting.

2. Ensure that the product suite meets your specific needs

Each industry has unique requirements in terms of what type of solutions they need. The success of your business hinges on whether or not you can provide the right solution to your customers. For example, private security firms require, among others, a solution that enables their technicians to process payments “in the field”. Janse van Rensburg explains: “Device-based solutions enable your field service technicians to process card payments on the spot when they conduct a site and risk evaluation at a customer’s home or office. In another scenario, your customer might have already paid for the installation and equipment used via EFT, but during the installation it becomes apparent that more equipment is needed due to a newly identified risk area. NuPay utilises payment solutions that allows you to process a payment for those extras while on site. You no longer need to wait for the customer to do an EFT or travel to your office in order to make the payment for any extras.” He goes on to say that the same payment device can also be used to load a recurring future-dated debit order. This is ideal for collecting monthly service fees or facilitating extended payment plans for equipment used in installations. The debit order transaction is authenticated using card and PIN and then loaded against the customer’s account. This payment solution has also been used with great success in removing cash from customer’s front office/reception areas.

3. How do I remove cash from my premises?

The risk of having large sums of cash on your premises is huge and requires no explanation. Micro-finance is a prime example of an industry that utilised this for many years. Janse van Rensburg says the risks became just too much and NuPay developed a solution to assist its clients with removing cash from their premises. The solution operates like a voucher card and allows a merchant to transfer a credit value to a consumer via a prepaid debit card. This solution is extremely popular in the market and has proven its worth time and again. All money that would have been paid or kept in cash, ie, wages and petty cash can now be electronically loaded onto a card and managed via the portal. Each card has a unique PIN and works the same as a debit card. The recipient can withdraw cash from any ATM or use the card on a point-of-sale device. Reporting and maintenance are available on the Web portal to allow for card cancellations, fund allocations and effective card and PIN management.

4. How will DebiCheck affect me?

DebiCheck has been a hot topic within the payments industry and the South African business community of late. Business owners are wondering how this will influence their collections. NuPay has been working tirelessly in conjunction with all relevant role players in providing their customers with the most up-to-date information and assistance in implementation. The DebiCheck TT1 and TT2 solutions, as well as the Same Day Debit Orders are all well suited to collecting once-off payments and monthly service fees. The DebiCheck solution also offers extended tracking options to help increase your success rate on collection dates as your customers are not always paid on the same day. Integration between your current customer management system and the NuPay portal enables your debit orders to be initiated and maintained without a problem. This means that if you cancel a debit order or alter the amount on your customer management system, it can automatically make the changes on the NuPay portal, ensuring efficiency, quality of data and ultimately happy customers.

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