Virtualisation valuable to business - IDC

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Virtualisation valuable to business - IDC

Virtualisation is "a step in the right direction" towards enabling more businesses to set up private cloud computing infrastructure without unnecessary levels of complexity needing to be resolved, it has been suggested, writes Zycko

David Bradshaw, cloud services research manager at industry analyst IDC, claims that cloud networks have historically been quite complicated to establish, leading some companies to look to public cloud services as an alternative.

Now, however, he notes the steps that are being taken to make private clouds more attainable, adding that he expects innovations such as virtualisation to continue as vendors look to serve the needs of end-users.

Virtualisation narrows technology gap

IT departments have been struggling to optimise equipment and software, and according to one expert, virtualisation could be the cure for these ills, states Rackspace.

"It's ironic that nowadays your average business computer user has a much more powerful computer at home than they do in the office," said David Tan, chief technology officer of CHIPS Computer Consulting, in an article for CTO Edge.

Employees "try to do many of the same things on their office computer they would do at home, and those machines are not really made for it, and support people don't want to have to deal with that," he said.

China data centre virtualisation unveiled

China VOIP and Digital Telecom's Beijing PowerUnique (CVDT) technology company has signed several virtualisation agreements to implement an integrated virtualisation solution at data centres in the Huizhou and Shantou power supply bureaus and South East Motor, reports China Tech News.

The Huizhou and Shantou power supply bureaus are two additional clients signed by CVDT and its alliance partners in the energy industry. Both Huizhou and Shantou are subsidiaries of the Guangdong Power Grid.

The contract with South East Motor will be the company's second virtualisation project to be implemented in the automotive industry.

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