Argility enhances capabilities of its retail driver delivery solution – MultiTrax

Johannesburg, 01 Jul 2020
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Stefan Terblanche, Argility Retail Solutions Consultant
Stefan Terblanche, Argility Retail Solutions Consultant

The Argility Technology Group’s retail driver delivery solution, MultiTrax, has been expanded to include an additional module that automates driver delivery scheduling (DDS). This is a powerful addition to this innovative product, especially in COVID-19 times, where retailers are scrambling to retain trade and move to online purchases with timeous delivery.

MultiTrax – developed in-house by Argility – empowers businesses with the ability to schedule deliveries and track drivers. This easy-to-use app permits efficient route planning, proactive customer notifications, enhanced proof of delivery (POD) processing and maximisation of driver availability. It is a comprehensive delivery system hosted in the cloud that enables drivers to effectively execute on deliveries allocated to them through their smartphone. Moreover, it achieves this with real-time visibility on a management dashboard that enables central planners to effectively schedule deliveries.

The latest DDS Planning module facilitates uploading of outstanding delivery lists – per store or across multiple stores; selection of available drivers; deliveries for selected drivers are added directly to their individual calendars via a drag-and-drop capability. “Through this feature-rich additional module, driver deliveries can be placed on an area map which automatically location tags customers’ addresses for easy route viewing. It also automatically calculates route and expected delivery time, as well as unload and assembly time. Driver progress can be viewed by planners via an online map view,” says Stefan Terblanche, Argility Retail Solutions Consultant.

The DDS module is not only valuable for warehouse transportations, but can also schedule supply on behalf of stores, or can be used directly within a store for management of its own deliveries.

“Integration with current retail or warehouse management solutions is available – removing the need to rip and replace current solutions to move business forward. PODs can be integrated in real-time, speeding up processing time and removing the need for POD data capture confirmation,” says Terblanche.

“Drivers using the MultiTrax app on their smart mobile devices are able to view clear route plans; delivery time targets and communicate directly with customers, via SMS. This latter in turn allows for proactive customer notifications of delivery times/delays, or requests for estate access codes. This is all achieved without intervention from central planners. It further provides contactless POD via image uploads and customer device SMS authentication,” he adds.

MultiTrax business benefits include decreased telephone costs from central planners; enhanced driver route planning and management; maximisation of customer experience through better notifications and direct driver contact negating unnecessary customer waiting.

“MultiTrax enables businesses to manage their delivery fleet efficiently while driving down operating expenses related to salaries and fleet cost. Elevated control is now possible when using owner-operated private transporters that are pre-vetted to represent the company’s brand on deliveries.”

Terblanche confirms that future releases of MultiTrax will include item dimensions for delivery vehicle space volumetrics planning.

“One of the most attractive features of MultiTrax is that it is hosted in the cloud as a software as a service solution (SaaS), allowing businesses to focus on operational excellence while Argility looks after the technology enablement,” he concludes.


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