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Altron Karabina partners with FourVision to provide advanced, end-to-end human resource management solution

Companies can harness the new offering to streamline HR processes and transform the employee experience.

Johannesburg, 04 Nov 2020
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Dave Ives, Head: Business Applications at Altron Karabina
Dave Ives, Head: Business Applications at Altron Karabina

Altron Karabina, a leading technology solutions provider across Africa and the Middle East, has partnered with FourVision to offer a new, fully integrated human resource management (HRM) solution for businesses on a digital transformation journey. Based in the Netherlands, FourVision leverages Microsoft technology to create high-end HR solutions that ensure customers’ cultural and financial viability. By joining forces and combining the two companies’ specialist HRM expertise – coupled with in-depth knowledge of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Cloud environment – Altron Karabina is now able to provide a comprehensive, market-leading HR platform that is fully integrated into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 offering.

“Across sectors, companies are quickly realising that in today’s digitally driven workplace, their people are their most important resource – and that to keep up with global trends and attract and retain top talent, they need to leverage best-of-breed HR platforms and processes,” said Dave Ives, Head: Business Applications at Altron Karabina. “As a leading Microsoft technology partner, we know what it takes to develop a professional and seamless HR platform that can complement existing talent strategies, and we have found the ideal partner in FourVision to deliver an end-to-end solution within the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Human Resources and Finance & Operations.”

Importantly, the FourVision platform leverages the core of Microsoft Dynamics 365 HR and is designed to extend what is available in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations. This will allow a company deploying D365 Finance and Ops to leverage existing company data to ensure that the same master data is shared and structures are maintained.

Boosting organisational agility

“Our goal at FourVision is to ensure that our customers are seen as world-class employers that optimise the entire employee experience, and we view end-to-end technology solutions as the means to achieve this,” explains Britt de Roode, VP, Sales and Marketing at FourVision. “Together with Altron Karabina, we are now able to enhance the core HRM offering by fully integrating with key financial and operational processes (expenses, timesheets, etc), which removes the administrative burden for HR teams and empowers them to focus on people, talent and strategy instead. In essence, we can now deliver a broad, highly automated solution that will both transform the employee experience and boost organisational agility – something which is becoming critical in the post-pandemic business environment.”

Indeed, as the global war for top talent intensifies, the ability to harness highly digitised and data-driven HR strategies will arguably become a vital component of business growth and sustainability.

For instance, an end-to-end HR platform will be used to onboard new employees effectively, and maintain regular and relevant communications with each individual throughout the onboarding journey. This journey will also ensure that individual performance management is matched with detailed KPIs, and key elements such as one-on-one check-ins, annual reviews and personal learning and development objectives are captured and monitored by the platform.

“Particularly within large and multinational companies, it can become near impossible to maintain a customised and highly relevant professional development journey without the help of data-driven and automated HR processes in place,” added Ives. “With the integrated solutions, Dynamics 365 HR and Finance & Operations, companies will also have the ability to identify skills and capabilities to match evolving client requirements – as well as requirements within their own business – thereby optimising existing talent and making sure that learning and development objectives are being met internally.”

Ensuring wellness is prioritised

In addition, with an increasing focus on employee well-being and mental health, a fully integrated HR platform will enable managers and leaders to track employee data around sick leave, performance, leave days, etc, and to flag any potential changes in behaviour that might indicate where support is needed.

“The workplace is changing rapidly, and there is more and more emphasis on the employee experience and employee well-being – which requires employers to have the right data and tools on hand to track wellness programmes and their impact,” added De Roode. “This also requires the quick and easy integration of HR processes into every other aspect of the business, and having a technology-driven HR offering that is core to business operations. Moreover, this platform has to be flexible and responsive to reflect the shift to flexible and remote workforces – all of which has been achieved in our partnership with Altron Karabina, a fellow Microsoft technology partner and digital transformation specialist.”

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