JCSE, IITPSA embark on 10th ICT skills survey

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Wits University's Joburg Centre for Software Engineering (JCSE) and the Institute of Information Technology Professionals South Africa (IITPSA) will embark on the tenth edition of the annual ICT Skills Survey.

Employers of people with ICT skills and ICT professionals are invited to take part in the poll.

The survey is a partnership between the IITPSA and JCSE, and their efforts will analyse the approach to filling the ICT sector’s skills from both the employer and practitioner perspectives.

Speaking to ITWeb, Adrian Schofield, production consultant at IITPSA, says the survey results will give an ICT skills picture of SA, and help business leaders and policymakers to develop strategies for growing and retaining digital skills.

"When compiling the survey, we look at new trends in terms of skills need as new methodologies, new technologies come into the market, what are the likely skills requirements and how will those needs be met.”

According to Schofield, they will also look at the pipeline of skills development from schools through secondary, tertiary education, and whether the investment in skills development is being directed for the most productive outcome.

He says the purpose of the survey is to assist decision-making for those looking to employ development skills and develop relevant skills, and help the practitioners understand the market in which they are working in terms of demand for their skills.

“We then look at all the information in the context of the publishing information around South Africa’s ICT skills needs, whether it comes from the sector of education and training authorities, or other sources like the recruitment companies. We also look into all of that in the context of the global movement of practitioners in the ICT sector,” says Schofield.

The centre invites participants to complete either or both of the questionnaires on the Survey Centre Web site. The respondents can select the appropriate survey after a simple registration process.

The survey closes at the end of July and the results will be released in September.

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