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Sync releases new mobile dashboards for apparel and footwear businesses

Johannesburg, 07 Dec 2015
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Sync has just released a set of mobile dashboards that are designed for business owners and managers to keep on top of business critical information.

According to Peter Booysen, CEO of iSync Solutions: "Business owners want up-to-the minute dashboard reporting available on their iPhones, iPads or other smart devices so that they can know what's going on in their business. BUT, all the available Dashboard reporting technology up until now has looked good from the outside but with pretty poor in performance, usability and very one-dimensional - especially when you running it on your smartphone.

The big difference about the Sync Mobile dashboards is that not only do you have a dashboard report that's super-fast and responsive, it's also interactive. That means that if you want to know more about a particular graph you just click on it to drill into the details. Now that's the difference between having a whole bunch of pretty pictures on a dashboard and then having to rely on another report to get the details versus being able to drill into the report from the dashboard itself... from your phone.

It all comes back to speed and performance. The data is exported from the live data on a schedule and then hosted in Microsoft's azure cloud. The data is then de-normalised, optimised and indexed - which means that when you start clicking around the data is being served down from Microsoft Azure and it's instantaneous."

In short, Sync Mobile dashboards allows you to stay on top of what's going on in your company and interact with your data easily in a touch-optimised experience from anywhere, anytime - in native, iOS, Android and Windows apps.

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