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iConnect's Fibre to the Business 'Double Up Promotion'' sign up in August, get double the data

Johannesburg, 29 Jul 2016
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Calvin Collett, CEO at iConnect.
Calvin Collett, CEO at iConnect.

iConnect, the end-to-end communications provider, is offering any new Fibre to the Business (FTTB) subscribers signing up, in the month of August, double the data for the duration of their contract. This means new subscribers will get twice as much data as their contract provides every month for however long their contract lasts.

"The Double Up Promotion runs for the entire month of August and applies to any new subscriber taking up a 50-meg, 100-meg, 150-meg or 200-meg contract," says Calvin Collett, CEO at iConnect. "A business who signs up for a 50-meg contract, for example, will get 100-meg per month to use how they like, every month, until their contract expires."

This special from iConnect includes free installation and set-up, as well as no additional charge for equipment, making this data offering doubly attractive, as there is no initial capital outlay.

Collett says: "iConnect is positioning itself in the market as the connectivity provider of choice. This disruptive offer to new subscribers is one of many ways that iConnect is delivering additional value to its customers. However, iConnect is not merely focused on price. We believe in delivering the critical services that are instrumental to stable, predictable and reliable connectivity solutions."

iConnect's FTTB packages promise quality data delivery with no interference and less signal degradation than other technologies, making it ideal for voice and video requirements. If data quality is essential to your business, as it often is, then FTTB is the best way of achieving it. High speeds also mean that the service is suitable for the transfer of large data files and speedy backups.

"Businesses who sign up for FTTB also get access to a host of other end-to-end services we provide, such as voice, various hosted solutions, cloud storage and video conferencing and collaboration," adds Collett. "The access is essentially a gateway to any service a business needs for effective daily operation."

The Double Up Promotion is available from iConnect from 1 August, and will run until 31 August. To sign up or get more information, contact iConnect at or 010 040 3169.

iConnect Telecoms

Founded in 2004, iConnect Telecoms is a company that delivers one of today's most business-critical requirements for companies - communications and technology. From Internet connectivity to voice and cloud platforms to the latest IT solutions, and more, iConnect ensures maximum uptime and productivity. At its core, the company provides faster, more reliable connectivity along with the necessary support and backup to minimise disruption. This is the foundation on which additional technology solutions are layered - all delivered by a single solution provider.

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