Voip-Pal redeploys PointsPhone Mobile

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Voip-Pal redeploys PointsPhone Mobile

EMBEDDED]Voip-Pal.Com has announced that it has completed redeployment of the PointsPhone Mobile Android and iPhone Apps on its retail Web site, www.pointsphone.com, Market Watch reports.

Customers can download the free apps from the Android Market for Android OS version 2.3 and higher, and from the iTunes store for iPhone, versions 3G and higher.

Once users register, select a long-distance phone plan, and complete payment, they can begin making calls virtually anywhere in the world for as low as 1c per minute. Until 31 July, the Platinum Suite package will be available for the special rate of $19.95. This package bundles substantial airtime minutes with a one-year subscription to the PointsPhoneGuard, a state-of-the art anti-virus program for mobile phones and tablets.

The Sacramento Bee quotes Dennis Chang, president of Voip-Pal.Com, as saying: "I am very pleased with the work of our technical team, as they have efficiently and successfully completed the integration of the Digifonica International technology with Voip-Pal's systems. Our cloud servers, based in Dallas, Texas, are state-of-the-art and have a virtually unlimited storage capacity. We anticipate that this redeployment will result in generating increased revenues and an expanded subscriber base."

PointsPhone Mobile is a VOIP application that allows economical international calls on Android phones and iPhones. Package prices start at $10. By using Virtual Numbers or DID numbers, users can choose local assigned numbers that allow others to call them back without roaming and for them to make and/or receive calls virtually anywhere in the world withoutincurring roaming charges.

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