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John McLoughlin

MD, J2 Software.

John McLoughlin has been involved in leading technology solutions for over 15 years and is the founder and MD of the J2 Software group of companies. He is driven by a passion for information security and compliance-focused technology offerings. McLoughlin has consulted around ICT policies, enforcement, productivity improvement, cost reduction and data loss prevention to many organisations in South Africa and elsewhere on the African continent. Through his vision, J2 Software is a provider of globally leading technology solutions that fulfil real business needs and deliver competitive advantage to J2's customers.


SecurityJul 13, 2018

Millennials don't care about security

It's time to bust the myth. Millennials do in fact care about their security and online safety but are too trusting to recognise real threats.

RegulationMay 25, 2018

Ready, set... comply

Europe's General Data Protection Regulation comes into force today. Are you ready?

SecurityApr 17, 2018

Have you gone phishing?

Layered security measures must go beyond the perimeter and anti-virus to protect companies against phishing attacks.

Cyber crimeNov 24, 2017

Conmen are everywhere

Total visibility at all times is crucial to prevent cyber criminals from seeking to influence a company's employees.

SecurityOct 27, 2017

Where has my personal data gone?

The biggest data breach in SA's history left over 60 million users' sensitive information compromised.

SecurityMar 31, 2017

No cyber breaches in fantasy land

The only place where an investment to prevent cyber attacks is unnecessary is in the land of make-believe.

SecurityFeb 23, 2017

Snake oil or security solution?

Security initiatives often end up being ineffective because they are not focused on the right issues.

SecurityDec 6, 2016

2017: Another d'ej`a vu year?

Or will it be the year the security industry will finally implement changes?

Data securityNov 11, 2016

Missing in action

Security breaches usually happen under the radar, and may go undetected indefinitely.

TechForumNov 6, 2014

Is your cloud provider compliant?

Companies must scrutinise the technology and its provider to make sure it is up to standard with the security and compliance requirements, says John McLoughlin, MD of J2 Software.

Network securityNov 3, 2014

Fighting the outsider threat

Businesses need a full view of the network, not just what is entering it, but what is going on inside, says John McLoughlin, MD of J2 Software.

TechForumJan 17, 2011

Social networks pose massive threat

It is more important than ever to ensure information is protected and risk is minimised, says John McLoughlin, CEO of J2 Software.