Ben Kelly

Making open source pay

May 5, 2017

Developers, community and support from large vendors have pushed open source into the heart of big business.

Cleaning up

Electronic content management still looking for the limelight.

Setting the bitcoin free

Mar 13, 2017

Digital currencies are definitely in our future, but the form remains to be seen.

Pandor challenges ICT industry to engage with govt

Mar 7, 2017

Science and technology minister Naledi Pandor calls for engagement around the future of technology and innovation.

A hybrid future awaits

Feb 13, 2017

The datacentre of the future will be a shadow of its former self as cloud and consolidation come to the fore.

Finding the mobile sweet spot

Jan 17, 2017

Companies need to ensure that strategy, not hype, drives the mobility bus.

A data-driven world

Nov 8, 2016

South African companies still have a long way to go to realise the real benefits of data analytics.

Time to get flexible

Oct 7, 2016

Customer demands for greater flexibility and visibility are driving the growth of software defined networks, to the detriment of the big network operators.

Delivering an educational experience

Don't expect technology to solve SA's education woes.

Playing the odds

Aug 15, 2016

After Altech, Craig Venter looks to online sports betting for the next big thing.

Cloud obscured the storage horizon

Aug 10, 2016

Local companies not embracing cloud for storage, but business demands are putting strain on resources.

Beating an evolving threat

Jul 5, 2016

Companies need to think beyond the box if they hope to hold back the tide of cyber-attacks.