Jan Joubert
Nov 1, 2017

Time for IT rehab

There's no need to go cold turkey when it comes to breaking bad tech habits.

Jul 31, 2017

Is your business hooked on bad IT?

Companies are setting themselves up to fail, and fail hard.

Jan Joubert
Founder and CEO of Rainmaker Solutions.

Born and raised in South Africa, founder and CEO of Rainmaker Solutions Jan Joubert is a disruptive thought leader and vocal champion of putting an end to outdated, archaic IT practices. Rainmaker has completed projects for some of the UK’s largest organisations, including The Home Office, Lockheed, Amazon and OFSTED, and was at the heart of the work behind the UK government’s G-Cloud initiative and the Government Digital Service. Making a difference is a significant driver for all Rainmaker employees and this is reflected in their philanthropy through the company charity, the Buffalo Foundation, which raises funds for disadvantaged children in SA.