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Christine Greyvenstein

ITWeb journalist.

Christine Greyvenstein is ITWeb journalist.


GamingJul 8, 2013

Mobile the future of gaming

Video game developer EA says it's increasing its focus on developing mobile games.

TelecomsJul 8, 2013

LTE-A for iPhone 5S?

Apple is reportedly working on long-term evolution-advanced technology for the iPhone 5S.


Marketing, retail drive augmented reality spend

Developer spend in augmented reality is expected to reach $670 million in 2013, says ABI Research.

DevicesJul 5, 2013

Dell exploring wearable tech

In the midst of the PC downturn, Dell says it is looking into the wearable tech sphere.

HardwareJul 4, 2013

Chinese storm tablet market

The tablet display forecast increases, with high demand from Chinese manufacturers.

InternetJul 4, 2013

Twitter to tailor ads to users

The social network plans to implement targeted content from brands that users have shown interest in.

MalwareJul 3, 2013

Beware free app malware

The McAfee mobile security report uncovers the dangers of free app permissions.

TelecomsJul 3, 2013

Motorola patriotic about new smartphone

The company rolls out ads for the new Moto X, while reports suggest its phones source private user data.

Open SourceJul 2, 2013

Firefox blazes onto smartphones

Mozilla introduces the first two smartphones running on its new mobile operating system.

CellularJul 2, 2013

HP turns eye back to smartphones

The company sees smartphones in its future, but has not provided further details, such as an OS or launch date.

TelecomsJul 1, 2013

BlackBerry not yet out for the count

The company becomes an attractive acquisition target following a massive share drop and failure to meet targets.


Insta(video) takes on YouTube

Video on Instagram generated more traffic than YouTube and Vine in the first few days after its release.