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Marko Salic
CEO of the Argility Technology Group

Marko Salic is CEO of the Argility Technology Group, a software development group with a history that spans almost four decades, predominantly in the retail and supply chain sectors.

Salic has over 20 years’ industry experience, stemming from software development and architecture through to business development, management and strategy. He spent 15 of those years at Argility creating some of the company's most innovative solutions and products.

His passion lies in the focus on new technologies and next-generation innovative solutions that will take various cross-industry players to the next level. Coming from a strong technical background, Salic’s expertise lies in understanding the challenges modern businesses face and the best way to solve them by applying modern technology and innovation.

In his leadership of Argility, he is shaping next-level client solutions that will address the need for businesses to digitally transform and provide a hyper-personalised omni-channel customer experience to manage digital disruption and stay relevant.