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Feb 17, 2005

To assess or not to assess?

Companies wanting to minimise poor recruitment choices often turn to assessment tools. But which assessment type to choose? And is this method in line with labour law?

Sep 20, 2004

Which will triumph: Traditional or e-recruitment?

For most companies, e-recruitment is still in its infancy, mostly attracting those driven to cut recruitment costs.

Jul 6, 2004

Countering counter-offers

It is not wise to fall into the counter-offer trap. Companies should rather address the causes of staff turnover.

May 21, 2004

Are headhunters worth the fee?

Thanks to poor delivery, fly-by-night operations, mismanagement of candidates and poor ethics, many companies are re-evaluating the value of headhunters.

Mark Fraser-Grant
Head of The People Business

Mark Fraser-Grant is an experienced human resource practitioner and specialised recruiter, and has been involved in career management and recruitment for over 11 years. He studied for the Institute of Training and Development Diploma at Thames Valley University UK while working in a human resource role for an electronics distribution company, having previously worked at a senior management level in retail. He returned to SA in 1996. Recruited by a client into a business development role, he had a three-year sabbatical from recruitment selling top-end IT solutions and helping the KwaZulu-Natal division realise an R11 million turnover. He later relocated to Johannesburg to launch his recruitment career. Fraser-Grant joined The People Business group in October 2003 to head up the recruitment company, The People Business - Recruitment.