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How to ‘POPI-proof’ your payroll

While POPI may be seen as legal red tape and a bit of a pain, it’s an opportunity to improve processes, which in turn will improve customer experience and result in cost savings.


Show your HR backups the back door

Backing up payroll data in the cloud means companies no longer need to dedicate precious hours to take care of backup infrastructure and processes.

Sandra Crous
MD of PaySpace

Sandra Crous was appointed as MD of PaySpace in April 2019, and has over 30 years’ experience in the payroll industry, which includes the role as vice-president for midmarket, Africa and the Middle East at Sage. Her commercial acumen, proven capabilities and a strong understanding of the payroll landscape further strengthen PaySpace’s commitment to drive digital transformation to empower organisations and individuals to achieve more. Crous’s mission is to accelerate the transition to global cloud payroll and HR into the African continent while ensuring PaySpace remains a people-focused, customer-centric business.