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An agile leap into the future

Why a focus on outcomes is the key to agile success in the digital economy.

Jan 20, 2017

Devil in disguise or dream come true?

What is IT management as a service and why are there so many fears surrounding this solution?


Business intelligence to continue growth

The business intelligence market is set to continue its strong growth in the current depressed IT market, says Gary Lawrence, country manager at Business Objects SA.


BI needs to access all data sources

Users of business intelligence (BI) tools need to dynamically work with all relevant corporate data, says Gary Lawrence, country manager at Business Objects SA.

Jul 19, 2002

Information access drives data warehouses

The need for a data warehouse is based on having instant access to standard reporting information, says Gary Lawrence, MD of Business Objects.


Business value needed from business intelligence vendors

Business intelligence (BI) vendors need to deliver lasting business value if they hope to succeed in the BI marketplace, says Gary Lawrence, country manager for Business Objects.

Apr 5, 2002

Business intelligence hits the road

Mobile business intelligence is transforming the way road warriors work, says Gary Lawrence, country manager of Business Objects South Africa.


ERP takes on new challenges

Gary Lawrence, MD of Softworx, examines the role of enterprise resource planning (ERP) in the Internet world.


ERP is alive and kicking

Far from being dead, enterprise resource planning (ERP) is instead finally proving its worth, says Gary Lawrence, MD of Softworx.

Nov 30, 1998

Baan has the Y2K solution

What are organisations that have yet to embark on a Y2K project and cannot afford lengthy implementations going to do? Gary Lawrence, Baan SA MD, has a suggested solution.

Gary Lawrence
MD, CA Southern Africa

Gary Lawrence is managing director of CA Southern Africa, responsible for all aspects of the business across Sub-Saharan Africa. He is an industry veteran, having more than 20 years' experience in creating, building and managing software businesses in the Southern African market. Lawrence has more than eight years' experience with CA, serving as country manager for five years prior to the formation of CA Southern Africa within EOH. He was previously country manager for Business Objects and Baan for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. He was also founder and CEO of Softworx, a local software and services business in the ERP, business intelligence and supply chain space. Lawrence is a member of the EOH executive committee, reporting directly to the group CEO.