Roger Hislop
May 18, 2012

Software accreditation: programmers are not dentists

While moves to structure the software industry are worthy of support, developers remain fiercely protective of their independence and intellectual property, says Korwe Software.

May 9, 2012

DOC to deliver more of the same

The Department of Communications remains focused on working towards delivering policies, announcing no bold or clear action for the sector.

May 2, 2012

Software industry needs unified face

The fourth annual Software Engineering Colloquium promises to unite the local software development industry.

Dec 7, 2010

'Tis the season to ask the impossible

Will 2011 be the year that slingshots SA's telecoms industry back into a strong position?


Go East, young man

For generations we've been conditioned to look to the West for its technology, but also for growth markets, for the doorway to global success. It's now time to look East.

Apr 12, 2010

Dotmobi or not mobi

The mobile phone software industry is painting itself into a corner. Again.

Sep 25, 2009

Name that site

Why not forget about the hierarchy of second-level domain names and get creative?

May 20, 2009

Make profit, not war

Our new communications minister must break away from his military mindset.

Apr 30, 2009

Avoidance behaviour

Computers can do it all, or so it seems. But do they know what people are thinking?

Apr 9, 2009

Browser war shame

Support for alternative browsers has become more than just a technical issue.

Dec 3, 2004

Telkom must pull Tanzania ad

The ASA has ruled that Telkom`s TV ad about a Tanzanian boy being saved by telemedicine is misleading. Telkom insists it isn`t.

Roger Hislop

Roger Hislop works in business development and emerging technology at a telecoms company. In his spare time he writes about technology, and the business of technology.