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SecuritySept 13, 2012

Online threats: Africa lags behind, luckily

African countries are mostly in the low-risk group for online threats, says Kaspersky Lab.

SecuritySept 10, 2012

Kaspersky, Comztek in Namibian venture

Comztek resellers and partners will deliver the full suite of Kaspersky Lab solutions to the Namibian market.

MalwareAug 30, 2012

Kaspersky unpacks 'Wiper' malware

The malware authors wanted to ensure that Wiper malware would remain undiscovered, says Kaspersky Lab.

MalwareJul 19, 2012

Malicious Trojan targets Middle East

Madi's high-profile victims include business people, financial institutions, government agencies and engineering students, says Kaspersky Lab.

MalwareMay 29, 2012

New malware 'redefines cyber war'

The malware systematically collects information on the operations of certain nation states in the Middle East, says Kaspersky Lab.

MalwareApr 19, 2012

Second Mac Trojan found

SabPub is an even more sophisticated attack than the Flashfake Trojan, says Kaspersky Lab.

MalwareApr 10, 2012

Flashfake botnet knocks Apple Mac

More than 600 000 computers have been targeted, and users may not be aware they've been hit, says Kaspersky.

MalwareMar 22, 2012

Unique 'fileless' bot exploit discovered

The malware acts as a 'bot' and installs the banking Trojan 'Lurk' to steal login credentials, says Kaspersky Lab.

MalwareMar 16, 2012

Mystery programming language in Duqu

How Duqu communicates with its Command and Control servers once it infects a machine has baffled the security community.

SecurityFeb 8, 2012

Scammers capitalise on tough times

Users in financially tough situations are more likely to fall for fake lottery notifications, says SensePost.

SecurityJan 10, 2012

Hacktivists emerge as key security trend

The rise of hacktivism was a key security trend of 2011 and will continue into 2012, say experts.

MalwareDec 2, 2011

Spammers use sensationalism to trick users

Cyber criminals exploit the deaths of Steve Jobs and Muammar Gaddafi to dupe users into clicking on malicious links.