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Bonnie Tubbs

ITWeb telecoms editor.

Bonnie Tubbs is ITWeb's telecoms editor.


TelecomsJul 3, 2015

'Apple effect' to boost SA music streaming

The company brings legitimacy and 'sexiness' to a service that has yet to capture the mass market in SA.

TelecomsJul 3, 2015

Vodacom, Neotel conditions 'not enough'

Cell C does not believe the conditions proposed by the competition authority on Vodacom's Neotel purchase are adequate.

TelecomsJul 2, 2015

Orange seeks smartphone crown

The French telco sets its sights on smartphone sales to win over local consumers as it continues to penetrate the mobile market.

TelecomsJul 1, 2015

Vodacom-Neotel deal may spark copycats

The long-awaited tie-up could spur further market consolidation in SA.

TelecomsJun 30, 2015

ICASA chairman's 'uninspiring' tenure ends

The regulator needs strong leadership now, more than ever, as Stephen Mncube leaves a legacy of unfinished projects.

TelecomsJun 29, 2015

DTPS investigation still hazy

Questions linger around Special Investigating Unit probes into irregular tender activity at the telecoms department.

TelecomsJun 26, 2015

Cell C buyout promo stirs controversy

The operator claims phenomenal success, but says "certain operators" are not playing fair.

TelecomsJun 25, 2015

Expect more OTT partnerships

Over-the-top players like WhatsApp and Facebook are taking over, and operators will have no choice but to explore joint ventures.

TelecomsJun 25, 2015

Orange opens first local store

Orange Horizons opens the doors to its first South African retail store in Cape Town tomorrow.

TelecomsJun 24, 2015

Clock ticking on Broadband Infraco's future

The entity has been instructed to preserve its value in preparation for a rationalisation of state-owned enterprises.

TelecomsJun 23, 2015

Telkom, Cell C switch places

In a reversal of roles in SA's mobile landscape, Telkom steals Cell C's rusty consumer champion trophy.

TelecomsJun 23, 2015

New mobile player on horizon

SmartMobile will launch to consumers towards the end of next month, offering services to 'high risk' customers.