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Audra Mahlong

senior journalist

Audra Mahlong is an ICT journalist with a focus on exposing government shenanigans. She’s been described as fearless, but she’s much braver than that.


InnovationsMar 5, 2010

Justice review stumbles along

Government departments will now focus on implementation of new technology systems and not research, says the justice department.


Smart ID cards cancelled - for now

The Department of Home Affairs used the R114 million allocated for the project “for other things”, says the minister.


Double blow for BPO industry

SA fails to become a low-cost BPO destination as electricity costs soar and telecoms reductions aren't realised.


Sanral raises another R837m

The roads agency has now raised a total of R15.9 billion for its major upgrade projects and e-tolling initiative.


No labour broking ban for April

Parliament is still discussing possible amendments to labour laws and the Bill has not been finalised.

InnovationsMar 3, 2010

DST to boost local tech

Local companies and technologies will be prioritised as state-owned enterprises look for innovative solutions.


No smart card IDs

Eight years after Cabinet approved the project, Home Affairs has failed to complete it.


Gauteng snubs key ICT projects

The Gauteng budget speech all but ignored ICT, failing to provide clarity on ICT initiatives in the province, such as Blue IQ.

BroadbandMar 2, 2010

Little ICT focus in provinces

The state of the province addresses echo national government's lack of vision for ICT in development.

SoftwareMar 1, 2010

'Mr Turnaround' exits Home Affairs

Director-general Mavuso Msimang will not renew his contract in April, abandoning his ambitious turnaround strategy.

SoftwareMar 1, 2010

No IT crisis at eNatis

Changes were expected and plans to curb critical skills losses were put in place, says Tasima.

SoftwareFeb 26, 2010

IT solutions for Eskom?

Technology could provide answers to Eskom's troubles, but success will depend on effective strategies, says IBM.