Matthew Burbidge
9 hours ago

How vulnerable is South Africa to cyber attack?

The situation is "pretty shocking" when it comes to SA's vulnerability, warns cyber security expert Craig Rosewarne.


StorTech rebrands as Nexio

The storage and data centre company has a new name, and will offer more services.


Red Hat joins the big league

The future of technology will be hybrid, multi-cloud, says Red Hat, as its acquisition by IBM moves closer to finalisation.


SUSE poised for growth with new owner

The newly-independent open source company is looking forward to pursuing its own strategy under a new owner, it says.


SUSE unveils Kubernetes-native cloud application platform

Version 1.4 is the first distribution to introduce a Cloud Foundry Application Runtime in an entirely Kubernetes-native architecture.


New SA crypto platform begins worldwide trading, a new crypto-currency trading platform based in SA, kicks off by allowing trading in crypto free of charge this month.


The cost of customer experience

Ask any company, and they'll probably tell you that customer experience is one of their key focus areas. But ask them who's in charge of the customer experience, and the responses will be mumbled.

Jan 31, 2019

The datacentre of the future

The datacentre is the foundation upon which enterprises are built.


Inside Oracle's ideas factory

Most new ideas in the enterprise don't see the light of day. So what goes wrong? We chat to the man in charge of Oracle's innovation programme.


Q&A: There's a secret sauce to Oracle Autonomous Database

Oracle's cloud business VP discusses the company's second cloud generation and the advantages of Autonomous Database.

Jan 15, 2019

What should the CIO be bringing to the table this year?

Is this going to be the year in which the CIO nudges the business in a new direction?


Asset to the company

It's impossible to think of the world without software. It's foundational to almost every business, and, increasingly, our personal lives.