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Retrograms vs telegrams

Text messages, it would appear, are the telegrams of the modern age. But if that`s the case, why aren`t these `retrograms` nullifying the need for traditional telegrams?

Mar 10, 2003

Innovation wins out for Argos

Innovation, though it is one of the most abused words in the 'biz-speak` of our day, is still possibly the most important contributor to successful business operations. Argos seems to have this lesson down pat.

Feb 24, 2003

CRM in action

I`ve received mail sent from the desks of Jeff Bezos and Christo Davel. It could be because I am a unique and beautiful snowflake. On the other hand, it must just be really good CRM.

Feb 10, 2003

The second coming for IT?

Could the growing focus on user experience management, grounded in human centred design, be a harbinger of healthier and more sustainable growth for the IT industry?


Has the DTI been hit with a consultancy stick?

One look at the DTI`s Web site and it`s clear that the department needs to seriously reconsider its public image.

Jan 27, 2003

Bold broadband moves

One of the reasons I`m so optimistic for the future of the Welsh economy is the approach which the National Assembly for Wales is taking to encourage telcos to invest in the country`s communications infrastructure.

Jan 20, 2003

It`s just a jump to the left

The more I see of the Welsh IT industry, the more it feels like I`ve stepped through a time warp, and into a parallel dimension.

Jan 13, 2003

In search of a few good tradesmen

A serious imbalance in labour supply and demand means UK businesses are paying the price - in more ways than one.

Dec 11, 2002

A luser`s confession

It`s almost too embarrassing to admit to in public, but I am Microsoft`s ideal customer... or I was, until last week.

Dec 2, 2002

Merry Christmas - care to swab your cheek?

It`s that time of year again, and the spirit of commercialism is alive and well. And amid the chaff, an e-commerce site offering the ultimate in customised novelty gifts.

Nov 25, 2002

MMS a non-starter, for now

Multimedia messaging has landed, or so they would have you believe.

Nov 18, 2002

Thanks for the vote of confidence

AITEC Europe launches today, aimed at showcasing African ICT companies in the hope of attracting foreign investment to Africa. Yet there seems to be little or no support from SA`s Department of Trade and Industry.