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Tarryn Giebelmann


Tarryn Giebelmann, ITWeb's Sub-Editor



Secrets of best-in-class MSPs

Key performance indicators need to be segmented and measured separately to accurately determine a managed service provider’s value and performance, says ConnectWise.

SecurityJan 6, 2020

Dissecting the network to uncover vulnerabilities

Companies must understand their key mission-critical areas and the weaknesses they could represent, says KHIPU Networks.


Four critical changes for businesses to survive

Focusing on compliance, security, getting insights from company data and coming to terms with the electricity crisis are vital, says Turrito Networks.

SecurityDec 4, 2019

Next generation networks

To meet their operational goals and guarantee high performance, businesses need next generation data centre infrastructure, reliable connectivity and strong network performance.

CXNov 12, 2019

Security conversation vital between customers and MSPs

Often, the security conversation is based on fear. But this is an ineffective way to add value and build trust.


Managing vulnerabilities with limited resources

IT budgets are strained and shrinking. Gartner predicts that global IT spending will grow at just 0.6% this year due to slowing global economic growth, recessions, trade wars and stalled Brexit talks.

Cloud ComputingOct 17, 2019

Teaching RPA, machine learning

There’s a misperception that digitisation means scrapping existing technology and starting from scratch.

SecurityOct 11, 2019

Next-gen financial crime methods need next-gen crime prevention

Financial institutions are trying to prevent new risk with old, siloed technologies, says Bateleur Software.

TechForumOct 1, 2019

Reducing the attack surface

Advanced endpoint protection solutions offer near real-time protection against new exploits, says Hannes Kriel, technical manager at KHIPU Networks.

TechForumSept 17, 2019

What is zero vulnerability infrastructure – and is it achievable?

The holy grail for those responsible for securing company networks is to achieve zero vulnerability infrastructure, says Gareth Trollip, SA country manager at KHIPU Networks.


How to thrive in a tough economy: invest in BI

Business intelligence empowers smart people to make constantly better decisions, faster and more effectively, says Turrito Networks.

TechForumJul 31, 2019

Rise of the local hacker

Traditional IT security products like firewalls are still critical, but businesses need to guard against attacks from the inside, says Colin Thornton, MD, Turrito Networks.