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Pravesh Parbhoo

Head of sales and solutions, Altron Karabina.

A dynamic leader and visionary in the technology industry, Parbhoo spearheads a mission to deliver impactful innovation to clients, creating tangible value that resonates.

Recognising that understanding change management is key to achieving lasting success, his career spans over two decades, and he has been instrumental in harnessing the power of change management to fuel substantial revenue growth and cultivate strategic partnerships.

His strength lies in consistently crafting and delivering innovative solutions, underpinned by his understanding of change dynamics. This approach translates into exceptional outcomes, showcasing his ability to turn change into a strategic advantage.



Leadership traits best suited to leading change

Brief body goes hereWhatever the change, the engaged executive should lead from the front, get broad buy-in from the workforce and build momentum step by step.

EnterpriseSept 5, 2023

Navigating the hard route to change

Successful change management requires an awareness of built-in resistance, as awareness becomes the spark that ignites the fuel of innovation.