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Humanising tech, from UX to impactful human experience

Society 5.0 sparks a dramatic societal shift − a vision of the future that hinges on digitalisation, human-centred artificial intelligence and trusted sharing of data.


Enterprise Architecture 2.0: Key consideration for digitalisation

To deal with the pace at which tech and competition move, companies must use all the tools at their disposal to timeously incorporate digitalisation into their core business.


Collaboration of human and machine for knowledge work

To create business value from data-driven decision-making, organisations must apply the insight from both knowledge workers and intelligent machines.

Dr Hanlie Smuts
Associate professor, Department of Informatics, University of Pretoria
Dr Hanlie Smuts is an associate professor in the Department of Informatics at the University of Pretoria since 2017. During her tenure in industry, her role aimed to deliver consistent customer relevance across all digital touch points, empower customers through convenient and effective self-service, and drive growth through personalised digital offerings. Through a deeper understanding of the digital and adjacent ecosystems, she championed transformation to digital and the need for collaboration in this context. She currently focuses on research in IT and the organisation, with particular emphasis on digital transformation, disruptive technologies, big data management, enterprise architecture and knowledge management. Dr Smuts has published several papers and book chapters in her field of study.